Makes A Good Wine Tasting Event

  • Have enough people on hand to pour (probably a 1 pourer to 15 attendee ratio). Not each pourer needs to be extremely knowledgeable about the wine; some can just make sure that glasses are attended to while others focus on sharing information, answering questions and getting into the details.

  • Provide good information about the wine through written materials, knowledgeable people on hand or structured interaction between tasters.

  • Encourage your guests to have an open mind about wine and share opinions after they've taken the time to have several sips and think carefully. A curt dismissal of a wine is often contagious, encouraging other tasters not to take the wine seriously.

  • Provide food. Without a doubt, having a lot of people imbibing alcohol should have access to snacks or food to slow down their ingestion of alcohol. From a quality of tasting experience, it's good to offer crackers or bread to freshen your palate.

  • Be responsible about your guests' consumption of alcohol. Ensure people have safe rides home and don't serve people who are inebriated.